Most people can be roughly put into 2 categories; people who love dwarves and those who generally dislike them and never get the fascination with these short, ugly, hairy grumps. But it’s exactly these flaws and shortcoming that make them so interesting.

They symbolize extreme characteristics of human nature, literally and figuratively. Tough, loyal, patient and precise but also extremely stubborn, inflexible and conservative.

These contrasts are exactly what makes for interesting character building. If you want to read a sugar coated story about the ideals of human nature then you better search for some fancy elves. Beautiful, graceful and everlasting… Sounds TOO perfect if you ask me. Never trust an elf!

There aren’t many web-comics about dwarves in the first place but we wanted to shake things up even more so we chose a sci-fi setting. While the concept of sci-fi dwarves isn’t anything new it hasn’t really been explored much at all. And to be honest…who doesn’t want to draw dwarves and aliens all the time?!

So I haven’t shaven in ages and diligently developed a beer belly as mental preparation. And now we’re finally ready to post the first chapter of Beardy Bastards.

We hope you enjoy the read!