#Merry X-Mas!

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  1. Andy

    Happy Holidays and an exceptional New Year.

  2. Roland

    My sister told me today (she ‘s a natural born dwarf mind-wise) now until new years eve is the time to do things you shouldn’t… cause when Santa comes again next time and asks you “have you been naughty this year?” you will honestly answer ” no, sir!”

    May your wishes come true next year! And when Santa comes again, he will say: “Have you been… know what? Screw that. You deserve the best!”

  3. CaptEndo

    Yes, and I for one, was most pleased with this treatment, both of Dwarves, and of the story. Peter Jackson and Company did an outstanding job!
    Eagerly awaiting your next installment, Happy New Year!

  4. Adam C.
    Adam C.

    Happy Hogmanay, from Scotland’s bonny shores!

  5. BBTS

    Beardy nice comic there (just discovering). Lots of inspiration and ideas to dig and a perfect dorf spirit, many congrats !!!

    40k Squat player from France here, saluting.

  6. Fijiman

    I hope you’re able to get Beardy Bastards running again soon.

  7. TC

    Another Thursday come and gone with no comic and no news.

  8. Gort

    Just found this site today and enjoyed the hell out of the story so far. I do hope that you will be re-starting the strip and am looking forward further character develpments. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  9. Noviticus

    I said it before and I will say it again.. this webcomic is dead. RIP

  10. sgtspiff

    It would be nice to hear that from Teb himself.

    It’s a great webcomic and I can get used to follow it monthly instead of weekly.

  11. taxzombie

    Going into the third month with not even a comment – It was nice while it lasted. Hope it does reserect some day but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  12. Dave

    Great concept, interesting story line, clever artwork, yet as a reader I feel abandoned. Not a peep for months, even a “Hi, real life is in the way, thanks for waiting” would have been great. Time to edit my favourites :(

  13. Tsapki

    Eh. VG Cats has been dead for longer periods of time. I have plenty of webcomics to read, so when and if this updates again, it will be a pleasant surprise.

    I only consider a webcomic dead when the site is pretty much gone.

    Rest in Peace, Secret Life of Mobs.

  14. Badger737

    Agree with Tsapki. Whilst I fear the worst, I will keep checking in for as long as the site is here. This comic is just too good to abandon.

    Teb, if you read this, don’t forget that life is most important so look after yourself before the dwarves.

  15. Adam C.
    Adam C.

    Still checking this every few days, in the hopes it’ll return =)

  16. sgtspiff

    Same here. it’s actually on top of my webcomiclist I go through every morning (no I havn’t learned the update days).

    • DocSavage

      I actually use a FireFox add-on called “My Weekly Browsing Schedule.” To open the sites. Once I programed it, it can automatically open each site on any schedule I like. That way I can check this site once a week until it returns then go back to the original schedule. The real benefit though is not opening all my reading list every day. Each is only opened when it is “supposed” to update, lots of them don’t follow their schedule though. Saves me a lot of time on my daily reading. =)

  17. MadGI

    Just checkin’ in. ‘S bad to see such a good material go to waste.

  18. Anonymouse

    They must be busy mining coal for next christmas

  19. hinonde

    I guess its curtain for this comic….

  20. Alfred

    I still hope for a continuation. :D It’s not a dead webcomics if the site is still up. ;)

  21. Grumbaki

    I truly hope this webcomic continues, it’s great.

  22. Ron

    You guys coming back? Loved this comic.. but I haven’t heard anything in a while.. a post or something would be nice:)

  23. Swagner

    It’s so sad when you get into a comic and then realize that it’s been suddenly dead without explanation for a while… oh well, putting in my RSS reader in case it ever picks up again… stranger things have happened!

  24. Fijiman

    It would be nice if they did something just to let us know that they’re not dead. Even just strait up telling us that they don’t want to continue making the comic would be better than complete silence. That’s all I ask for.

  25. TheBaron

    Something might have happened to him.

    • Swagner

      I hadn’t thought of that, I certainly hope not! On the other hand, webcomics spontaneously die all the time, so we shouldn’t jump to conclusions…

  26. Andrzejef

    Ho, ho ho, it’s still Chrismass

    Just hope they will return…

  27. charles81

    I seem to half recall reading a blog or forum post somewhere by the artist that noted there was nothing wrong with the writer and he hoped to continue working on the series one day.

    My personal theory is that GW might have sent a nice letter composed by a lawyer requiring them to cease all activity on the site until issues are discussed and resolved… but thats just a pure theory

  28. Keith the verbose(and more than slightly annoying)
    Keith the verbose(and more than slightly annoying)

    I’m guessing by the moribund state that they’ve abandoned the comic for some reason. I’ve seen comments about lawyers and GW (whom ever that is) It’s a pity, this was coming out as a decent comic.

    • TheBaron

      GW = Games Workshop, who have a rep for being jerks and sueing websites that they think infringe on their IP. Including their own fan sites and webstores who sell their products. They recently got their teeth kicked in when someone at Chapterhouse Studios got free legal aid.

      • charles81

        I don’t fully blame GW for such transgressions against fan sites.

        There’s some unfortunate holes in many western legal systems where if you are perceived to not be defending your Intellectual Property then you forfeit the right to it. So if GW let heaps of fan sites slip, including those such as comics and particularly sites that might be pulling in some money off the work, even just to cover costs… A big multi-national can come along, start selling off copy material of theirs and undercutting GW.

        If GW take them to court, they simply point out that GW have not protected their I.P. from others.

        Follow my name link to something Raymond E. Feist wrote on the subject about an ordeal that Marion (Zimmer)Bradley went through. Whats needed is some flexibility in the law to cater for fanfic without it possibly threatening the original I.P. rights of the authors or their future work on their I.P.

        But I also like Raymond’s note that: “he author suggests that fans turn that creative impulse into creating their own, original, worlds and characters. It’s much more entertaining creating your own universe than working in someone else’s.” And The author and artist of BB here are clearly talented enough to come up with their own, completely unique, universe that can attract readers without any reliance on similarities to already popular universes such as GW’s Warhammer 40K… or turn to complete parody like OotS with D&D or TSoaLR with GW.

  29. Dwarftastic

    I had so hoped they might come back after Christmas, a year after their last comic and all, but I suppose not. The world’s greatest comic is over for good, I suppose. :/

  30. Nekropancser

    Um… Hi!
    Teb, if GW got you, then don’t forget, that they deny the fact, that Squats were ever part of 40k, so you are free to use them. Also, this is not a squat comic, this is a dwarf comic, which is different.
    GW shouldn’t persecute fanfiction, they should embrace it. A wiser choice would be for them to gather fanfiction and support it, gaining fanbase, not losing as they do nowadays.
    And if you are not well, or something bad happened, then let me command your healing or whatever repairs are necessary. Get better!

  31. XMinusOne

    I saw an advert for this comic on another website and thought it had begun to update again. Much to my disappointment, it has not. I wonder why the authors continue to run ads for this strip when it isn’t being updated?

    • Swagner

      I think that it was actually after the comic was abandoned that I discovered it (via an ad).

  32. DanniRedd

    I am still checking in. Hope the greatest gift of all.

  33. kangkaraz

    This webcomic is/was linked to a dutch graphic design buro based in Utrecht the Netherlands called “joriteb”. It has been out of business since mid 2014. Dont know the story behind this but both owners Tebbo van Dijk and Jorine Houweling seem to have moved on. No new Posts on Facebook either since 2011 or so. Tebbo is now a freelance illustrator and Jorine has gone into webdesign so they seem to not work together any longer.
    No doubt there is a reason for the hiatus, I can only speculate. Would be nice if one of them posted an update.

    To Tebbo and Jorine; the comic is excellent. I think you could seriously earn money with it. Please let us fans know what’s up. We could support a restart for example depending on the cause. A GW ban order perhaps? a messy break-up with disputes over the rights? health issues?
    We just like to know and if we can help.
    just saying ;)

  34. CoffeyCupOfDoom

    I really miss this comic, I’m still hoping for a comeback.

  35. Madorakas

    Could somebody get in touch whit the writer of this comic? Gently reminding them that people are STILL waiting.

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